The benefits of organic cotton in terms of sustainable textile production are as follows: It is 100% eco-friendly. It significantly reduces land and water pollution with its natural, chemical-free production process. It helps to protect biodiversity due to chemicals are not used.

But there are many benefits to the towel owner too! Cause organic cotton has long fibers and is not treated with harmful chemicals, it is more breathable than conventional cotton. Thus, you can feel safe while using your towel.

If we grow organic cotton instead of conventional cotton, we will use 62% less energy, 92% less water, and produce 46% fewer greenhouse gases annually. We cannot finish counting the benefits of organic cotton for us. Rich biodiversity is preserved. Organic cotton does not irritate our skin, it protects our skin. It visibly reduces allergic reactions.

According to the World Health Organization, 20,000 people die of cancer every year in developing countries as a result of chemicals sprayed on conventional cotton. Agricultural workers worldwide, including asthma, neurological damage, and cancer have serious health problems related to overexposure to dangerous pesticides.

Motto Peshtemal, a producer of 100% cotton Turkish Towels, is also a Peshtemal Manufacturer, apart from hand towels, beach towels, and bath towels. Motto Peshtemal, the peshtemals wholesaler, completely free of toxins and chemicals for the safety of you and your family. Motto Peshtemal will be one of your indispensable brands owing to its colorful, fashionable, and highly reliable products.

The chirpy colors of this towel are inspired by the excitement that the summer season awakens in us. Cutted Diamond Peshtemal, which offers feather lightness, gives you a unique touching experience. If you like an authentic look, you can use this model not only for towel-down but also as decor in your home. Motto Peshtemal towels will change your whole aura.



Additional information

Cutted Diamond Peshtemal is woven 100% from high-quality cotton. With the perfect diamond shapes on it, and the wide color spectrum we offer; Cutted Diamond Peshtemal is an eye-catching Turkish Towel. Thin, and light-weight, Cutted Diamond Peshtemal takes so little space in your backpack owing to its size.

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