3 Tips for Your Growing Customer Service Department

Customer service represents something of a mixed bag for any growing, consumer-facing business. While, as customers ourselves, we understand quite how important a positive and helpful customer service experience really is, as business owners, the task of arranging a team capable of representing the voice of your business – and particularly for customers who may be on the verge of a negative experience – is daunting, to say the least.

Still, the mere fact that it is daunting should not deter us from investing the time, attention, and resources we need to into growing a strong customer service department. It will provide an indispensable support to your team, brand, and day-to-day operations both now, and in the future.

While, in the very early days of your business’ growth, it may have been possible for you to handle queries – and the odd complaint – on your own, rapid growth can suddenly make it incredibly difficult for you to see to these tasks. Still, you need to ensure any new additions to the team are living up to your brand’s name.

So, with that in mind, here are three things that you should prioritise as the customer service department takes on more weight within your company.

Look at Leading Examples for Inspiration

It is not – and never has been – a sign of weakness for new and growing brands to look at industry leaders for inspiration. What’s more, when it comes to customer service, inspiration is abundant.

From brick-and-mortar businesses like Trader Joe’s, to leading online giants like casino.netbet.co.uk, plenty of businesses are setting a gold standard, and proving each and every day that taking an authentic approach to customer support represents one of the most valuable investments a company can make.

Establish, and Stick To, Your Voice

A major part of any business’s branding is their voice – that unique, characteristic tone or vernacular that ensures consistency between their site, their social media, their email marketing campaigns – you name it.

And, while your customer service team needs to be able to communicate quickly, clearly and effectively with customers, they also need to be entrusted with the task of upholding your brand’s unique voice.

This may be as simple as opting for a tone that strikes a strong balance between respectful and overly formal, or it may be more complicated. That’s for you to decide.

Put a Positive Spin on Everything

We have all heard this advice, in various forms – particularly in the world of business. Personal coaches love to instruct us to thank our colleagues for waiting, for instance, rather than simply apologising for being late – and, whether or not you agree with this one, consider the value of putting a positive spin on things – particularly when the information in question is, perhaps, not quite so positive.

This could be as simple as rephrasing the sentence, ‘That product is discontinued’, to ‘We have just launched a new line, and product X sounds like exactly what you’re looking for’.

However you approach it, ensuring that all aspects of your customer’s journey are as positive, efficient, and welcoming as possible will play a pivotal role in your business’s continued development.

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