Tax Laws For Small Businesses

Starting a small business, especially when you have very little experience of the compliances, is not going to be easy. It is essential that you stay abreast with the rules, tax regulations, VAT, and corporation tax. Starting a business in Birmingham is going to be no different. The Birmingham tax accountants will help you in understanding these laws, tax regulations, and other things to keep the operations smooth. Here is a detailed blog about the tax regulations you must know of for small businesses.

Income Tax

A business might have a sole owner or multiple partners, but whatever it is, you are required to pay income tax on the profit earned by your business. Only a few tax rules are different. To start with, profits earned through business are divided between the partners, and each party will only pay the income tax for their portion of the profits made. Profits are what you make on your business, the income after cutting off material, labor cost, and all the other overhead expenses.

Birmingham accountants will help you find out the ways to get a major tax cut on your profits. Such as if you have employees, you can legally deduct the income tax and national insurance from their salary. They will help you with a complete tax self-assessment and pay the HMRC annually the dues.

Corporation Tax

Once you have registered as a limited company, you are required to pay corporation tax for the profits that you earn from the company. You will also have to pay the income tax on the salaries of your employees. Then there are shareholders’ dividends. The Birmingham tax accountants will help you pay up the corporation tax. They will also give you a strategy to get a tax cut.

There are many intricacies present in the laws which have to be fulfilled. The employees that hold shares may choose to take a lower salary and higher dividend, for which they would not be eligible for National Insurance Contributions; read about it in the next section.

National Insurance Contribution

National Insurance Contribution is what you contribute to support state-run benefit schemes. It includes retirements, unemployment, and sick and disability benefits. If you have employees, you are required to ensure their well-being. For self-employed people, there is a separate contribution scheme. You can contact Birmingham accountants to know more.


VAT or Value Added Tax is the payable tax on services, sales, and imports. If you have a production line, you will be paying a VAT at every stage; the same goes with the distribution process.

But not all goods carry a VAT with them. There are some products where no VAT would be levied on you; this includes insurances, education services, etc.

If your company’s turnover is above the registration threshold of VAT, and you offer services that are not obliged to pay. The Birmingham accountants will help you register your business for VAT. Then you will be able to charge VAT on the services and products you offer. It will also allow you to claim back services and supplies VAT that you paid for any purchase for production and distribution.

Wrapping Up

Taxes are a very complicated part of your business, and a Birmingham tax accountant can help you not only understand it but would also help you pay them, manage them, and get a major cut back on it.

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