Get your home tested for radon: Here’s an overview

For the uninitiated, radon is a radioactive gas that’s formed when uranium and other radioactive metals break down naturally in rocks, soil, and groundwater. The gas is constantly produced in most types of soils but isn’t a matter of concern unless it gets trapped inside buildings and homes. Exposure to radon has been linked to lung cancer, and no matter what type of house you own, you need to get radon testing done at least once in two years. Some companies do these tests and offer mitigation solutions, while you can also buy ready kits that test the presence of radon over a few days. You can always check with your State Radon Contact to find a list of contractors in your area. Here’s more on what you need to know.

When taking action is necessary

Just because you are worried about radon gas seeping inside your home through cracks and openings in the foundation doesn’t mean you need radon mitigation. The first step is to get a test done, and if the radon levels are found to be over 4 PCI per liter, treatments are necessary. You should consider this on priority if you are buying a new home.

Mitigating radon risks

There are several ways professional services tackle radon issues in a house. The most common option is to install a sub-slab-depressurization system, which doesn’t require making huge changes to the structure. The system is placed at a sub-slab radon collection point, and a fan is installed outside the house. Radon is released into the air, reducing the level of the gas inside your home.

Sealing and more

Sealing is often considered to be one of the first steps in reducing radon levels, but it is not always enough. While you should consider fixing the existing crevices, openings, and seals, you also need to have a detailed system in place that can remove radon produced underneath the soil into the environment. You may come across people who claim to have reduced radon levels by using special paints, but there are tests that show that these things cannot fix the problem.

Hiring a radon testing contractor

There are services like we mentioned earlier, that can help with radon testing. Besides affordable prices, these contractors can schedule an appointment at your time. If the professionals find that the existing levels of radon in the building are on the higher side, they would recommend solutions.

Get your home tested for radon today.

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