Top Life Science Careers to Study for in 2022

Need something to do after you graduate? Leaving school and can’t decide on a career path? We can help.

A new career in life science could be the top job you have been looking for. Whether you are in your late forties and want to retrain, or whether you are starting fresh out of high school, a career in life science could be the most rewarding role you ever play in your life. Here are some top choices and life science careers to study for, should you graduate in 2022.

The Best Life Science Roles For Future Careers

Life science is the study of life itself. This might mean looking at space to find traces of unknown organisms. It also might mean going to the bottom of the sea to document the life that we find there. However you do it, the world of life science is vast, diverse, and full of promise. Ready to start job hunting? You can see open jobs here courtesy of Hays. Still looking? This will give you an idea of what to study to achieve your goals.

The best life science careers in 2022 are as follows.

1 – Nursing

You may not know this, but nurses must study the life sciences before they can land a role. Nurses work through coaching one another in bedside manner, through online course, and through practical training. You could learn biology at university and apply this to nursing when you graduate. You will need specific nursing qualifications in your own country to work as a nurse. For example, in the UK you must register with the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

2 – Laboratory Technician

The beating heart of life science, lab technicians are responsible for everything that we analyse, relating to human life. You may find yourself in drug research facility, testing drugs on willing volunteers. You may find yourself testing blood samples for your local NHS branch. You could even be the one who works in forensics, testing skin cells found under fingernails. The opportunities are endless.

3 – Pharmaceutical Sales

If you would like your career to make you rich, then move to the USA and get into pharmaceutical sales. As you can imagine, this is the branch of life science that deals with selling cancer drugs and diabetes drugs for disproportionate prices – but it’s not all bad. Besides, how can you change something when you are on the outside of it? Get in there and make a difference… or get rich. Your decision.

4 – Ecology

Those of you who want to save the planet can do it with a degree in life sciences. Climate change is a constant threat, but increased numbers of Gen Z students are studying it. Why is it relevant in 2022? Every single business in existence is trying to make up the shortfall in their waste management and environmental plans. The governments around the globe have eco targets to meet and businesses are not keeping up their end of the bargain. In the next two decades, environmental scientists will be at the heart of every major new venture, offering reasons why it’s a bad idea. That could be you. It’s not a bad way to spend your life.

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