Four Ways to Create a Parenting Plan that Considers Your Children’s Best Interests 

If you are in the middle of a tough divorce, you must create a solid parenting plan from the get-go. This plan offers your child stability and structure. When you think about a visitation schedule, consider what will work best for your child first. Consider school schedules, your free time, and the distance from every residence to activities to establish a great plan. An experienced family attorney from Lawrence Law Office can help with this process. Here are some tips to help you make a good parenting plan that keeps the best interests of your children in mind:

Create a Parenting Schedule Immediately

When you and your ex decide to part ways, it’s tough on your children. To make it easier for them to cope, you must provide them with stability and a routine. Creating a parenting schedule as early as possible helps your children adjust to the new situation more quickly. 

Be Reasonable

While a contentious divorce is hard to go through, you need to be reasonable when making decisions for your children. Consider the relationship your kids have with you and your soon-to-be-ex. To ensure your children continue to do their best in life, allow them to maintain the strong relationship they have with you and your co-parent. Keep in mind that your children love each of their parents and this won’t change no matter how you hate this person.

Be Clear About Custody Concerns

If you are concerned about the ability of your spouse to parent your kids, be clear on your specific concerns. Although your spouse may have a different parenting style, it should not be a reason for concern. But, if you are worried about your spouses’ abusive behavior or drug addiction, you must address this concern. Raise any initial concerns you have when you create a parenting plan because it can be hard to make changes to the custody arrangement once it is done.

Respect Your Children’s Needs

You should not put your kids in the middle of your divorce. Instead, you must tell them that they are loved by both of their parents who want to be part of their lives forever. Saying negative things about your co-parent to your children won’t help them cope with the new situation. In fact, this can only hurt them. Thus, it is best to respect their need for attention from both of their parents and just enjoy the time you have with them. You must do your best to parent them instead of trying to confuse them. 

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