Different Compensation You Get When Injured At Work

Employees who get injured or ill and get disconnected from their work may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. One does not need to suffer from accidents like losing a finger or falling off a ladder to be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Some workers may also acquire infectious diseases like Covid-19 while working in such an exposed environment. It can also be injuries or illnesses that develop over time due to working conditions in the workplace. Therefore, if you are Hurt while working for the Port of Seattle, you are entitled to receive compensation through workers’ compensation benefits.

Different compensation you get when injured at work.

You can receive several compensations if you are injured at work, which is mentioned below.

  • Medical coverage workers’ compensation

This overage includes the costs of every necessary treatment required for your workplace injury or disability. In general, this coverage is not limited to a specific dollar amount, and that is why your worker’s compensation should cover all copays and deductibles. 

Medical coverage includes compensation for hospitalizations, medications, nursing care, medical equipment like walkers or wheelchairs, and other treatments. While determining your medical coverage, you should also include any future or long-term medical care you may need, including mental health therapy or physical therapy. If you are required to travel for medical treatments, you should include that in your expenses too.

You are entitled to receive compensation for any injuries that occur in the workplace. However, you will not get compensation outside the workplace. For example, if you get injured in a car accident while going home from your workplace, you may not get compensation under workers’ compensation benefits.

  • Lost wages compensation

You are also entitled to receive compensation to cover a percentage of your lost wages which are known as disability benefits. They are mainly awarded when you cannot work due to the injuries that occurred in the workplace. The amount of compensation and how long you will receive will depend on the severity of your injuries and how they affect your ability to return to your job.

  • Vocational rehabilitation

It is designed to help people who have been injured and disabled to return to work. Vocational rehabilitation includes career counseling, job training, and assistance in finding a new job. If you cannot return to your previous employment due to the injuries, you may include vocational rehabilitation in your claim.

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