Getting the bandwidth back together: why offices need super-reliable internet access

When you are looking for an internet package for your business, you could be tempted to either buy as high-performing a service as you can afford or instead attempt to save as much money as you reckon you could get away with without compromising the internet solution’s reliability.

While the “right” type of internet connectivity for your business will depend on its specific needs, here are several reasons why you should make sure those requirements will definitely be met.

You will be able to download files more quickly

If your company uses a cloud storage facility, your workers will have the freedom to not only store crucial files – like large videos, databases and design projects – in the cloud but also manipulate them there. Nonetheless, Business Matters warns that editing files in this way is not always possible.

In this situation, your office would need a fast internet connection –as your workers would have to keep downloading those files off the cloud in order to modify them.

This technology could improve your company’s workflow

If members of your team must repeatedly wait for downloads to finish, this isn’t just a minor nuisance, as it could have adverse repercussions for these employees’ workflow.

To put a long story short: time these people would have to spend waiting for downloads to complete is time they could otherwise have largely spent on work if they had a much faster internet connection. Hence, you have a strong interest in making sure they actually do.

You could benefit from faster uploads, too

Many of the points just made about downloads are just as applicable to uploads. Additionally, you should keep in mind that the speed with which you can upload large videos to the web is potentially crucial if yourun many video-based marketing campaigns or publish a lot of video content.

There’s also the fact that, with faster upload speeds, you can also more quickly back files up to the cloud.

Your workforce might rely heavily on cloud services

As an article for TechFruit warns, if your company has more than ten employees, you would need to invest in cloud service provision like Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox.

However, cloud computing can be a major drain on bandwidth. Hence, if you want your business to make the most of cloud-based tools like those listed just above, you should give your team access to the amount of bandwidth that would make this possible.

Even if there’s an outage, your productivity doesn’t have to be interrupted

One simple reason why is that, if your company sources its internet from a company offering both primary pipes and backup lines, there doesn’t have to be any noticeable effect in the event of an outage.

Consider the scenario that would be faced by businesses renting serviced offices from BE Offices. As the office provider itself makes both 10GB primary pipes and 1GB backup lines available to these businesses, they would simply be switched seamlessly to the backup lines if the primary pipes did fail.

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